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COAL JFA S.L. Born in 2002, based on the experience acquired during more than 15 years of management in the commercialization, in the Spanish market, of machinery of process and also machinery for the packaging, mainly in the alimentary sector.

Currently we are exclusive commercial support for a small group of European companies, whose main objective is to speed up the presence of these in our market.

Our job is facilitate and maintain a clear, accurate and fluid connection between the different departments of our customers and the companies that we represent. We advise the customer, always offering the best technical-economic solution for their business, coordinating the correct development of the project and supervising that it fits the proposed objectives.

Our supply capacity includes all the necessary for the assembly of a complete production line, from the storage of the raw materials (storage in silos) to the final packaging of the product and palletization, passing through all intermediate production processes: mixing, division, formation, fermentation, dosing / decoration, baking, cooling, injectection, unit packaging, complete packaging, wrapping, embedding, palletizing, etc.


Our offer also includes the possibility of supplying individual machines for the replacement, extension or improvement of the production process, or the renewal of a specific process, always adapting to the customer's requirrements (performance improvement, flexibility in formats, Optimization of spaces,...)

Each of the companies that we represent forms part of the first industrial stratum in the manufacture of machinery, which gives us a sufficient experience in the solutions for the different specific areas of a production line.

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Av. Cerdanyola, 98 Planta 6
08173 Sant Cugat del Vallès
Barcelona - Spain - Europe


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